Achieving Success Through Educational Therapy and Academic Coaching

Young people, particularly those with ADHD, are in the earlier stages of developing their self-awareness, so they are unlikely to be aware of their strengths and advocate for themselves. As a result, they are vulnerable to developing low self-esteem and negative thinking when they struggle with their studies.  For those young people with ADHD, [...]

When Poor Motivation Is A Symptom And Not The Problem

There are many reasons why an individual may not be successful in school. Some of the “obvious” reasons parents and teachers attribute to poor academic performance include not doing the assigned work, not studying, poor motivation, and inattention. My 12 years as a special education teacher and 5 years in private practice as an [...]

What Essential Study Skills Must All Students Learn To Master?

All too often, bright kids and their parents experience the frustration of poor grades on exams in spite of spending countless hours studying. More often than not, these students lack efficient study skills and have the potential to excel tremendously with strategic support in this area. Below is merely a sample of test taking [...]

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